Support Services

IT Annual Maintenance Contract

Netscale Technology, a pioneering name in the field of IT services has a combined experience of over two decades serving corporate. We have managed to serve all kinds of establishments and organizations with our unrelenting and pristine IT solutions, to revamp their internal management and to help them achieve their business goals.With our popularity soaring high, we decided to venture into providing IT Annual Maintenance Contracts to organizations who are willing to get on board with us for our premium IT solutions, without any halts, all round the year.Through our IT Annual Maintenance Contracts, we delicately try to serve you by working on your IT infrastructure and equipment, from both – remote access and on-site support. Under out annual contracts with you, our IT specialists visit your site or talk/chat with you for resolving any hindrances that are blocking your overall progress. We constantly strive to minimize or negate away every kind of IT outages and system breakdowns. Netscale Technology is a vendor-neutral IT services and solutions provider based in Dubai, that customizes solutions suiting our clients’ best needs and requirements.

Through our IT annual maintenance contract, we are able to dispense the following varied kinds of services and solutions:
  • Management of your IT infrastructure and assets
  • On-site visits for better management and upkeep
  • 24-7 availability and quick response time for remote solutions
  • Additional, round the clock support when abrupt IT breakdowns and IT outages occur
  • Comprehensive IT support for upkeep, management and improvement of your organization
  • IT compliance management
  • Support model maintenance and management – Cloud, SaaS, VM, etc.

We believe no two organizations are the same. This is why we do not implement a straitjacket approach for all our clients. We customize the solutions, based on your priority needs and requirements, only then are we able to provide you with the best tailor-made solutions.We add value, we add to your goals. We are Netscale Technology for you. Outsource your IT solutions to us today. We treat our clients like family. We welcome them with warm smiles and friendly and cost-effective support. Reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.


It is not that easy to come across a credible and authentic team of IT experts who will give you what you actually desire.Not every aspect of development is easy! It is not the same with Netscale Technology. Netscale Technology presents efficient IT Outstaffing solutions that will resolve all your queries and provide you with the results you foresee.At Netscale Technology, we always make you our priority. We put your requirements first, which is why all of our services and solutions are client-oriented. We are known to provide IT support and management services to organizations of all sizes – Small, medium and large, globally. We analyze your requirements and then apply our expertise to help you achieve your organizational goals, along with giving your business the edge it requires.

Why us?

Netscale Technology Gulp – a leading name in the IT industry, is one of the most superior IT services providers in Dubai. We believe in providing our clients 10 times more than what others do!

We Guarantee:
  • You will save your time, energy and money with us
  • Exceptional satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Excellent network uptime
  • There is no problem that we cannot solve – no matter how remote or non-remote it is.
We believe in providing you with quality at all times:
Better budgeting – Reduction in overhead costs
  • No more expenditure on vacations and sick leaves
  • Cost reduction in terms of hiring and training
  • Cost reduction in terms of maintenance and operating
Certified Professionals Tending to Your Business Needs:
  • Professional help for all kinds of technologies – no matter how complicated
  • Exceptional skill test for all kinds of problems and unexpected derails
  • Flexibility in managing your workforce, directly proportional to your work
  • Dedicated team of certified IT experts with a support manager at your disposal
End-to-end Quality Solutions at All Times:
  • Comprehensive solutions to all your problems
  • Responsible and reliable services throughout the day
  • Drawing up of a Service Level Agreement keeping you the priority of the same
  • 100% client confidentiality
  • Complete data protection

By outsourcing your IT services to us, you are left with immense opportunities to focus completely on your business! Realise your organizational goals without any forms of distractions.
Experience our revolutionary services today!

New Office IT Setup & Relocation

We plan and assist you in your new endeavours of moving your office IT equipment and infrastructure.We deal with all the complex assemblage that is your IT room – all the equipment, all the data and software, all the cables and everything there is, a part of the famous IT department in your office!At Netscale Technology, we specialise in providing you with the right fusion of expertise and assistance to make sure your office move is a great success! Venturing into a new direction, opening your office in a new location is one of the most major tasks you will ever take! It is nothing less than a celebratory moment in your organization’s life. What comes along with this move is moving your IT infrastructure and equipment – which is no less! The most vital aspect of your business – IT infrastructure – needs professional help when moving. You could drive yourself insane trying to do it all alone.

We supplement you with the following Office IT setup and relocation services:
  • Arranging, de-arranging, layout and planning, as per the needs of your new office location.
Audio and Video
  • AV systems and infrastructure for your conference rooms, including music and microphone systems
  • Meeting and arranging all surveillance requirements and managing all your control systems.
ISP and telephone services
  • Moving your current telephone numbers and equipment, along with managing and arranging old and new phone lines.
  • Moving your IP Address and providing you exceptional ISP.
  • Managing your data and voice infrastructure for your new office location.
Phone system
  • Setting up new phone systems/upgrading the old ones.
Cloud storage and emails
  • Saving and backing up all your data.
  • Computing storage needs and managing all your important documents, along with email conversations.
IT Servers
  • Ensuring no loss of servers at the new location
  • Reprogramming firewall.
  • Updating DNS servers.
  • Managing computer workstations and setting them in your new location.
  • Testing their connectivity to ISP and DNS servers.
Why Choose Netscale Technology for your Office IT setup and Relocation Needs?
  • Professional expertise in migrating and setting up IT equipment and infrastructure.
  • Customized solutions for every organization and client.
  • Services on a turn-key basis.
Experience office IT setup and relocation in a revolutionary manner! Contact us, allow us to serve you.

We communicate remotely with you, perform the essential tasks, so you can relax and focus on meeting your organizational goals.We will tap all the necessary IT equipment and support mechanisms to ensure you are getting nothing but the best.We have at our disposal text channels – chats and emails both, remote access applications, voiceover softwares, etc. to help your organization out.We use these methods either single-handedly or in combinations – to provide you with efficient, quick, cost-effective and quality results. Through our services, we always aim at fulfilling your needs and desires!When it comes to looking for efficient, cost-effective, and reliable Remote IT support services, look no further, Netscale Technology is right here for you.

Remote Technical Support

The advent of technology has brought to us remote IT support, something we could not have thought of a few decades back!Netscale Technology’s Remote IT Support Services are available 24/7 at your disposal without any lags. The specialised service is meant for businesses and organisations of all sizes – small, medium and large.Remote Technical Support services or Remote IT Services allows organizations to come closer with experts like us to give rise to something bigger! With us, you can see yourself networking from any corner of the world while we ensure your networking goes right at all times.During times of lags, when your system slows down or your servers fail, you no longer would have to wait for IT Consultants and technicians to come to your location to fix the issues for you. In fact, we will make our expert services available to you, from a remote location.

At Netscale Technology, we have special remote access softwares installed to access your systems and your servers from a location far away from you. Through the same, we can:
  • Access your PCs and servers
  • Access and manage your server and computer files
  • Provide you with latest server and software updates
  • Maintain programmes for you
  • Run diagnostics for you
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Provide you with end-to-end solutions

IT Helpdesk Support

Have you been caught up in a situation where you expect your team of IT professionals to better handle the daily networking and IT issues that crop up?Well, you are certainly not the only one! Almost every organization has done that. They have managed to adopt many attempts and strategies to keep the issues away and the costs down.However, not all of them succeed. Especially small and medium scale businesses.IT downtime is a serious threat to their future development and progress.Our remote helpdesk support services in Dubai are capable of solving every technical issue as and when it crops up. The services are available during standard UAE business hours (9:00-18:00) (Saturday to Thursday).

Helpdesk Support Services We Offer:
  • Technical problem resolution
  • Hardware support
  • Configuration and installation of updates and software support
  • Registration and activation of products and licenses
  • Electronics support
  • Broadband support
  • Resolution of technical problems
  • Networking solutions
  • Diagnostic services
  • Malware and virus removal
  • Bug fixing
  • Handling complaints
  • Live chat and email text support
Benefits of hiring Helpdesk support solutions at Netscale Technology:
  • Round the clock technical support
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Full-fledged Service Level Agreements
  • Quickest response time
  • Flexible and scalable solutions

For those whose problems cannot wait when we are not operating during our official horus, our remote assistance outside the business hours.
Our emergency help desk IT solutions are available at your disposal through the day – 24/7, even after our official work hours.

Why outsource your helpdesk support solutions to us?

Time and again, Netscale Technology has managed to maintain a position of honour and pride in its client’s eyes. Our IT helpdesk solutions are quick, seamless, cost-effective and smooth.They blend in with the client organizations pretty smoothly, without any hassles. We take pride in extending our warm embrace of internationally renowned services to provide you with all the support you require.Leveraging our IT helpdesk solutions is something you should be looking forward to, when it comes to adding value to your organization.On an average small and medium scale organizations face over 50 IT issues every single month.Don’t let these issues drag your progress down! Rely on the best HelpDesk Support Services.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Unplanned downtimes and disasters can cause a rise in your overhead cost.

Don’t let them take you down! Rethink your disaster recovery solutions! The risk of cyberattacks and data leaks is on an all time high these days. Your organization’s growth is at risk, your flow, your continuity, your personnel and your reputation is at stake too!

Opting for effective disaster recovery services might come in handy!

Data Recovery Services or Disaster Recovery services by Netscale Technology provide you with customized and friendly solutions and retrieval of your critical documents, data and IT infrastructure after a superfluous IT outage.Our Data Recovery Services provide you with scalable and seamless, end-to-end recovery solutions for all your IT requirements. Our solutions are cost-effective, efficient, quick and irrepressible.

Powering your organization through our data recovery solutions.
  • Fully functional and flexible IT data recovery solutions to manage all infrastructure needs.
  • Immense levels of credibility and expertise.
  • Trusted and reliable Data Recovery Services providers in Dubai.
  • Globally accessible services.
Our Expertise Can Help You.
  • Get rid of IT outages and its implications over your functions and growth.
  • Accelerate your growth by defining flexible and cost effective data recovery solutions.
  • Build a remote framework to prepare you for protecting your data in cases of uncertain future IT outages.

Office Migration

Upgrading your business data to a larger and more effective system and application need not be a hassle in your daily routine. Which is why Netscale Technology’s Business Data Migration service is smooth, efficient, reliable and fast; not to forget cost-effective! The upgrade focuses on increasing your organizational capabilities and allows the least chances to allow any minor issue to half your ability from achieving your business goals. Added to all of this the potential profits you can easily generate, is another thing you need to look forward to! IT specialists at Netscale Technology is the expert supervision you need for your next business data migration. Relocate your business data to the effectivity it deserves! Contact us today.
For running an efficient business and achieving your business goals in a timely fashion, upgrading your hardware and software becomes imperative. With hardware and software upgrades comes data backup and data migration to larger and more effective computers and softwares.

Business data migration entails the following essentials:
  • Microsoft Office and Exchange Migrations.
  • Windows server 2003 migration.