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AI Audit & Reengineering
AI Audit & Reengineering
Our consulting specialists emerge to review your running AI system’s algorithms, underlying business logic, architecture, usability, and security when you see it underperform or fall short of stakeholders’ expectations. In order to protect your investment and get ready for future AI development, we then fix, upgrade, or restructure the program.
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Artificial Intelligence Expansion
Artificial Intelligence Expansion
We assist you in scaling your AI transformation across the whole organization after the proof-of-concept phase for a bigger and more satisfying effect. To assist you in building a dependable, unified ecosystem powered by artificial intelligence for your company, our artificial intelligence specialists will determine the optimum long-term AI approach.
Deep learning
Predictive modeling
Natural language processing
Voice, facial and emotion recognition
Biometric identification
Image analysis
Robotic process automation
Collaborative and content-based filtering